Driving B2B Sales with Oracle Commerce and OCC; Lessons Learned First Hand

Presenter: Mike Cristancho, Director, Solutions Consulting

Gurvinder Bargota, Sr. Director, Technology

Thursday, February 21 | 2pm Eastern US

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"Global sales from B2B ecommerce is projected to reach $12 trillion dollars by 2020 and the exponential growth is being fueled by several observable trends. With a focus on leveraging and modernizing existing technologies and services, B2B is adding distinct functionality with point-to-point integrations, mobile enablement, and personalization.

Hear how B2B leaders are successfully engaging customers where they are by:

-Organizing strategies and resources for commerce-enablement

-Modernizing existing technologies and services

-Integrating their commerce platform with ERP, CPQ, punchouts and marketing technology

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Presented by the commerce experts who helped Oracle launch its first B2B customer on OCC (and several since), TAISTech will provide first-hand lessons from launching B2B and D2C brands on ATG and OCC. The session will also include a view into point-to-point integrations on OCC that are dramatically changing the B2B business."

PipelinePros would like to thank TAISTech for sponsoring the Virtual Summit. TAISTech is a global firm that focuses on digital commerce transformation by providing the strategic, creative, and technical expertise required to deliver exceptional omnichannel customer experiences for clients. 

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