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Oracle Keynote: Katrina Gosek

Sr. Director, Digital Customer Product Strategy

Katrina Gosek takes the stage to share the latest online shopping insights in addition to what the Oracle Commerce team is doing to stay ahead of the curve.

Oracle Update: Bob Meixner

Sr. Commerce Product Strategist

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are emerging trends  that all commerce organizations are thinking about. In this session, Oracle shares the latest innovations using artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

Customer Keynote: Gerald Heath

Director, E-Commerce

Gerald Heath grew up and was educated in South Africa (where he dreamed of living in the US), moved to the UK (where he continued to dream of the US), and now lives in Irvine, CA (where he is living the dream!). He spent a large part of his career in consulting in Europe and the US, gaining experience in all aspect of e-commerce including development, architecture, infrastructure, operations, devops, testing, and the business aspects of e-commerce. Gerald currently works for Lakeshore Learning as the e-commerce director and is proud to be a founding member and executive director at Pipeline Pros. He has a passion for anything involving technology, and is particularly interested in the emergence of self-driving cars, and what impact this is going to have on our lives (and on the world’s longest parking lot I405).

Customer Panel Sponsored by TAISTech

Various Speakers
Customers will take the stage to share their experiences with Oracle Commerce from the vantage point of a recent upgrade, unique project or launch of Oracle Commerce Cloud. This is your chance to ask your peers questions.


How CVS Brazil Used Oracle Commerce with Vayam for Headless Commerce Online and Stores

Monday, July 30; 9am-12pm

Onofre, CVS Brazil subsidiary, chose Oracle Commerce platform and Object Edge to implement headless commerce to empower their pharmacy digital channels. Their goals were ambitious requiring an open architecture and design. Together, Object Edge and Onofre built a REST API based the Oracle Commerce platform to bring mobile, web and store channels together with exceptional customer experience. In this pre-conference training, experts will detail the goals, journey and the current milestone in this journey.

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Presented by:

/What key topics will you hear about?

Insight 18 will feature a wide variety of topics for all Oracle Commerce users. Some key topics include:

  • Implementation stories
  • REST API Framework
  • Exclusive Endeca Track
  • Upgrade stories
  • Building the right commerce team
  • Preparing for holiday traffic
  • Headless architecture
  • Integrating to back-end systems
  • And more...

/Session Example

Still not sure about what you may hear? Here's an example of one of last year's most popular sessions.

Session Title: Benefits of a Decoupled Front-End Architecture with Oracle ATG

Session Abstract: The goal of the session is to share the evolution and learnings that Michael Kors has experienced as part of our digital transformation efforts to decouple our front-end eCommerce experience from ATG. It illustrates how this technology approach enables rich experiences, flexibility for constant evolution, building and leveraging APIs across devices and screens, and catering to global expansion.

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