PipelinePros Leadership Update

By: Jesse Howard, Director, Marketing and Operations

PipelinePros, the world’s only user community focused on Oracle Commerce, announced Monday that David Lyle, CIO, Carolina Biological Supply Company, will reassume the role of Board Chairman after Gerald Heath’s resignation. Mr. Heath left to pursue an opportunity with a solution provider; making him ineligible to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. The user group’s by-laws restrict board positions to Oracle Commerce users.


“The Board of Directors would like to thank Gerald for his years of service to the Oracle Commerce Community as a founding board member of PipelinePros. The Board looks forward to continue working with Gerald in his new capacity as a leader in the Oracle Commerce Solution Provider community,” Lyle stated after the PipelinePros Board reinstalled him as Chair. “Gerald submitted his resignation with regret but noted that the PLP leadership team is setup to succeed well into the future. The Board is eager to continue building on the past two years of successes with next week’s Virtual Summit and planning of the third annual Insight conference in Austin, TX (August 26-28).”
Chad Taylor, Sr. Director of Technology for TBC Corp., has been named Vice Chair and will assume the position of Chairman effective October 1, 2019. “I am thrilled to be named Vice Chair and look forward to working with David and the PipelinePros Board and Staff to transition into the Chair role later this year,” Taylor stated during the most recent Board of Directors call.


The PipelinePros Board, continues to actively search for a new Executive Director. If you are interested or know a suitable community member, please contact jesse.howard@pipelinepros.org or any member of the PipelinePros Board of Directors for more details.
PipelinePros Board and Staffing Update
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